The World’s Top 10 Oldest Football Clubs

Top 10 Oldest Football Clubs

These are some of the world’s oldest active football clubs. Whether amateur, semi-professional, or professional and even the most knowledgeable fans probably heard of them all.

Moreover, many of them are local clubs that compete in their respective regions’ lower leagues. One of the most exciting parts of a football club’s identity is its age.

List of The World’s Top 10 Oldest Football Clubs

Sheffield FC – 1857

Sheffield Fc was the first football club formed in 1857. Sheffield Football Team is a professional English football club based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It currently competes in the Northern Premier League’s first league. According to FIFA and the Football Association of England (FA), Sheffield Football Club is the world’s oldest football club.

Additionally, the 158-year-old club is more than likely the world’s oldest association football club. FIFA awarded an Order of Merit on them in 2007 to mark their 150th anniversary. Former English footballer Andy Kiwomya now manages the club. Moreover, he has a long and glorious history. He is undoubtedly the most deserving holder of the title of the world’s oldest football club.

Cambridge University AFC – 1857

Cambridge A.F.C. is the world’s second-oldest football club. Students founded the football club at the University of Cambridge in England. There is a debate over the year when the club authority founded it whether in 1856 or 1857 as official Federations did not recognize the club’s claim to be the oldest football club.

The club presently competes in the British Universities and Colleges Sports Premier South division. Furthermore, it plays its home games at Grange Road Stadium or Fenners’ Pitches Stadium.

Melbourne FC -1858

The Melbourne Football Club is an Australian rules football club. The club, known as the Demons and they founded in 1858. In addition to that, it is Australia’s oldest football club.

However, it competes in the Australian Football League (AFL). The club authority founded it in 1858, known as the Demons. They hold their home games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). It headquarters is in Melbourne, Victoria.

Lima CFC – 1859

Lima Cricket and Football Club is a non-British club. The English immigrants formed the club in 1859. He is currently a member of the San Isidro District’s local league.

It is Peru’s oldest football club. Lima CFC is still in business as a multi-sport club. It has two national titles in its trophy cabinet—the Peruvian Primera Division, which it won more than a century ago in 1912 and 1914.

TSV 1860 Munich – 1860

TSV Munich is a German football club situated in Munich. In 1860, the authority formed The Bavarian club. It is the oldest football club in Germany and one of the founding members of the Bundesliga. The club now competes in the 3: Liga, Germany’s third division of football.

Additionally, Grunwald Stadion is the team’s home ground. The team has played in the Bundesliga for more than a decade. There it has spent 20 seasons.

Cray Wanderers – 1860

The 155-year-old Cray Wanderers exist as the English capital’s oldest club. It’s hidden under the shadow of the five Premier League clubs situated in London. The Wands, founded in the Greater London borough of Bromley in 1860.

In addition to that, it plays home games at Hayes Lane. It competes in the Isthmian League Division One North. Despite its extensive history, the club has only made it to the fourth qualifying round of the FA Cup once. In 2005-06, a year before winning successive Kent League titles.

Hallam FC – 1860

The authority founded Hallam FC is an English football team in 1860. The world’s oldest football stadium, Sandygate Road, is Hallam FC’s home ground. The team headquarters is in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

It competes in the Northern Counties East League One Division, England’s 10th tier of football. However, the club won the world’s first cup competition, the 1867 Youdan Cup.

Notts County – 1862

Notts County is one of the oldest football clubs in the world. The club authority established it in 1862. Their black and white jersey as the inspiration for Juventus’ kit is historically significant. Their headquarter is in Nottingham, England. It plays home games at Meadow Lane.

Moreover, Notts County presently competes in the National League. It is England’s fifth tier of football. Notts County and Nottingham Forest have a fierce rivalry with only 300 meters between the two clubs. Above all, the 153-year-old club last won a championship in 2009-10. Then after rising from League Two now, it competes after being dropped in 2014-15.

Royal Engineers Association FC – 1863

The Royal Engineers Association FC symbolizes the British Army’s Corps of Royal Engineers. The 152-year-old club, founded in 1863. It had a golden era during the 1870s. At the same time, it was winning the FA Cup in 1875 and reaching four of the competition’s first seven rounds. The club, known as the Sappers, is in Gillingham. It is a town in the English county of Dorset. Meanwhile, it plays its home games at the King’s Bastion in Brompton.

Stoke City FC – 1863

The Premier League’s oldest club is Stoke City FC. It is one of the top-flight English clubs. In addition to that, the club authority founded the team in 1863 as Stoke Ramblers. But once the city received an award Stoke-on-Trent status in 1925. It changed its name to Stoke City. The Football League’s first member. The Potters now compete in the Championship, English football’s second tier.

However, their home venue is the Bet365 Stadium. It was previously known as the Britannia Stadium. Stoke City, one of the world’s oldest football clubs. After a decade in the top flight, it dropped from the Premier League in 2018.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, because many of the oldest clubs play in the lower leagues of their respective regions, very few of the world’s oldest clubs grab the attention of those at the highest level of the game.

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