Top 50 Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

Most Expensive Football Transfers

Football has earned huge popularity since the very beginning. And, Footballers earn huge amounts of money as they play for famous teams.  However, what is the club or who is the player comes later. Because the most expensive football transfers of all time are at the center of audiences’ attraction.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

Transfer fees cost a lot of money for the club while the players become rich. The transfer of players like Neymar or Messi has always been good. But it can go wrong as well.

Transfer fees have become a topic of discussion and so they can even make or break records. However, the players must play well to make the money worth it. So, let us know about the top 10 most expensive football transfers of all time.

1. Neymar

neymar jr

Neymar the Brazilian gentleman’s highest transfer fee has honoured him as the most expensive player. And he played for one of the highest-paying clubs in Barcelona.

Additionally, in 2017 the situation takes a turn. Finally, Neymar’s joining the PSG club has made a world record for its big amount of transfer fees.

Why Neymar has broken all the records of the past? Because for the first time in history a French club has signed him for €223 million. Unbelievable yet true!

2. Mbappe


Whether it is transfer fees or expensive sponsorship deals Mbappe is always Neymar’s competitor. Mbappe left Monaco and joined PSG.

Why Mbappe is the most expensive player right now? Because PSG agrees to give him €145 million without a bonus! Furthermore, he gets an extra €35 million from PSG as a bonus.

PSG’s money is not wasted as the former World Cup winner is honored with three titles. Additionally, as a teenager, he is super costly. And his attitude says it all.

3. Felix


Felix has not that high popularity as Ronaldo or Beckham but his transfer fee will give you a shock. Because he is on fire in the Atletico Madrid at a price of €126 million.

Then again, this English player has said no to names like Manchester United and even Real Madrid. In that case, he has fulfilled the gap of Griezmann.

Atletico Madrid feels great as Felix gets the Golden Boy Award just one year after joining the club.

4. Ronaldo


The CR7 leaves one great name Manchester United but joins another great name the Real Madrid. This premier league player says yes to the red team at a cost of €89 million.

Ronaldo’s most expensive transfer fee of all time starts a competition between the richest clubs of football. However, whatever team Ronaldo joins there is an increase in jersey sell.

No one can cross Ronaldo’s 105 goals during his stay in Real Madrid. Similarly, no one can bite his popularity on Instagram.

5. Philippe

This premier league player drops Liverpool so that he can join Barcelona. His transfer fee including the bonus is €160 million.

After joining Barcelona, he wins the la Liga two times.  He as well as Barcelona wins The Spanish Super cup in 2018.

One of the greatest successes of the English club was to transfer Philippe at such a high price.

6. Dembele


Ousmane joins Barcelona from Dortmund. In the history of the German Club Dembele makes a record for the highest ever transfer fee.

Additionally, Dembele spends a little time in Dortmund. But Barca was so sure that this person is not a wrong decision.

Hence, Dembele enters Barcelona at €105 million without a bonus. Finally, he proves Barcelona right by winning the Spanish Super cup for three times.

7. Bale


Among all the British players who is the most expensive? Gareth Bale with a transfer fee of €132 million is the answer.

Since 2013 this Welsh star has been an asset to Real Madrid. Even today the Spanish Club takes Bale as their top investment.

Bale’s winning UEFA championship has cleared all the doubts about his ability in the red team. Hence his securing the European Super cup has turned the investment into gold.

8. Pogba


Pogba joins one of the most well-paying clubs Manchester United leaving Juventas. Manchester United confirms this best midfielder at a transfer fee of €105 million.

But, many people take Pogba as overrated. However, he will be seen playing in Manchester United till the middle of 2022. In 2021, his performance to defeat Leeds receive praise from Griezmann.

Moreover, he becomes the top expensive player breaking Bale’s record in 2016. Since 2012 Pogba is the face of the Premier League so he deserves to be in the famous club.

9. Grealish


Jack Grealish is honored to get the most expensive football transfers of all time. He is the only British player to get a transfer fee of €117 million to join Manchester United.

This brand-new contract in 2021 will confirm more victories in the premier league. Because this former Aston Villa legend makes Manchester United’s senior team even stronger.

Finally, it is expected that the Number 10 jersey will be owned by Grealish.

10. Griezmann


This gentleman confirms Barcelona on spending €120million. In 2018 This Atletico Madrid player say No to Barcelona.

But, dramatically, after one-year Griezmann agrees to Barcelona. Additionally, Grizmann joined the team when talents like Messi were already there.

Barcelona has to spend a big amount to get the winner of the world cup 2018. But, Grizmann fails to perform that well.

Top 20 Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

Serial No Footballer Former Club Present Club Transfer Fee Year of Transfer
1. Gonzalo Higuain Napoli Juventus €90 m 2016
2. Romelu Lukaku Everton Manchester United €85.8 m 2017
3. Virgil Van Dijk Southampton Liverpool €84.8 m 2018
4. Jadon Sancho Manchester United €85m 2021
5. Eden Hazard Chelsea Real Madrid €142m 2019
6. Harry Maguire Leicester City Manchester United €87.8m 2019
7. Luis Suarez Liverpool Barcelona €82.3 m 2014
8. Alisson Becker Roma Liverpool €73m 2018
9. Nicholas Pepe Lille Arsenal €72m 2019
10. Kai Havertz Bayer Leverkusen Chelsea €71m 2021
11. Lucas Hernandez Atletico Madrid Bayern Munich €83m 2019
12. kaka AC Milan Real Madrid €71.5 m 2009
13. Kepa Arrizabalaga club Athletic Chelsea €80m 2019
14. James Rodriguez Monaco Real Madrid €80m 2015
15. Alvaro Morata Real Madrid Chelsea €79m 2017
16. Kevin De Bruyne Wolfsburg Manchester City €75m 2015
17. Zinadine Zidane Juventus Real Madrid €77.5m 2001
18. Frenkie Jong Ajax Barcelona €75m 2019
19. Ruben Dias Benfica Manchester City €63m 2020
20. Matthijs Ajax Juventus €85m 2019

 Another 20 Most Expensive Football Transfers of All Time

Serial No Name Former Club Present Club Transfer Fee Year of Transfer
1. Mesut Ozil Real Madrid Arsenal €52m 2013
2. Arthur Barcelona Juventus 2020
3. Riyad Mahrez Leicester Manchester City €67m 2018
4. Ronaldo Manchester United Real Madrid €94m 2009
5. Victor Lille Napoli €70m 2020
6. Neymar Santos Barcelona €86m 2013
7. Ibrahimovik Internationale Barcelona €79.8 m 2009
8. Rodri Atletico Madrid Manchester City €70m 2019
9. Achraf Hkimi Inter PSG €65m 2021
10. Oscar Chelsea Shanghai SIPG €69.5m 2017
111. Joao Cancel Juventus Manchester City €65m 2019
12. Luca Jovic Eintracht Frankfurt Real Madrid €70m 2019
13. Raheem Sterling Liverpool Manchester City €69.5m 2015
14. D. Costa Chelsea Atletico Madrid €66m 2018
15. Angel Di Maria Manchester United PSG €62m 2015
16. Thomas Lemar Monaco Atletico Madrid €66m 2018
17. Buffon Parma Juventus €55m 2001
18. Luka Modric Tottenham Real Madrid €43m 2012
19. Fernando Torres Liverpool Chelsea €59m 2011
20. Naby Keita RB Leipzig Liverpool €43m 2018


Finally, one thing is clear. The richest football clubs do not hesitate to make the most expensive football transfers of all time.

Moreover, Footballers are honoured with different titles and awards. But the greatest honor is when clubs pay an unbelievably big transfer fee for them.

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