Top 10 Greatest NBA Players of All Time

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Basketball is yet not so popular as football or cricket. But these NBA stars show us what basketball can truly be. The greatest NBA players are the center of attention because of their playing style. Some greatest basketball players have come out of the NBA since 1946.

List of Top 10 Greatest NBA Players of All Time

Basketball as a sport has many legends of its own.  It is only the players who have taken basketball even to the Olympics.

Who are the 10 greatest NBA players of all time? Take a look at our list and you will have your answer.

1. Michael Jordan – Top NBA Player in the World

Who is the best basketball player in the World? This American gem Michael is the first name forever whenever we think of NBA players.

Michael Jordan

Additionally, this 90s legend is the richest scorer in this sport. The golden year of his career is 1996. Because he brings 72 wins for the Chicago Bulls in a single year.

Then, this richest scorer is also rich in trophies. He wins the NBA Championship six times. Michael has a record number of NBA All-Star Awards. There is no second Jordan in basketball.

2. LeBron James – Greatest NBA Player 2021

Who is the best NBA Basketball player? Lebron the winner of two gold medals in the Olympics is the name.

LeBron James

He is honoured with the Rookie of the year award in 2004. He is called “The chosen one” from the Cavaliers team. His number 16 in the All-Star Award bits even Michael Jordan.

Nike signs a 90-million-dollar deal with Lebron. And even when he is not an NBA icon. His king-like playing is the same in 2021

3. Wilt Chamberlin – Greatest NBA Player

We will find wilt Chamberlin in the top 10 greatest NBA players of all time.  During his peak, this man changed many rules.

Wilt Chamberlin

We give thanks to this 7’1’’ man for making the line big. Goaltending was something else before wilt was there.

His rebounds make him one of the top stars. Because 23,994 is such a big number. Wilt’s scoring back in 1961 is an inspiration today. As 50+ points per game are not so easy.

4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Best NBA Player of All Time

This basketball gem from The Los Angeles Lakers has 19 All-Star Awards. Kareem has 6 Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards in total.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

And, even today no one can cross this record. He also has a special move of his own. It is called the “Sky Shook”.

Kareem says no to the Olympics. Shocking? But this is how he fights back racism in America. He saved his team ten times by touching the final.

5. Magic Johnson – ESPN Greatest NBA Player of All Time

The year 1979 proves truly magical for Magic’s career. Because he bought home The NBA Championship Award. And also, the rookie award was another success story.

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird is the competitor of this 80s legend. But, magic wins over Bird from NCAA Championship to team finals.

1980 Final shows us what he can do.  At that time, he must play three different roles. He played center, forward, and point guard well.

6.  Larry Bird

Boston Celtic gets an icon who is popular for great shooting Yes, we are talking about Larry Bird. His back pain cannot stop him from securing a gold medal for “The Dream Team”

Larry Bird

Bird makes Boston Celtic the winner of three NBA Championship out of five finals. Then, Birds wins the MVP title in 1984, 1985, and 1986.

7. Bill Russell – Top ESPN Player

Bill Russell was born for Boston Celtic as he played there for thirteen years. No one can cross the record made by Bill in the NBA Championship.

Bill Russell

Bill with 11NBA Championship rings even makes Michel Jordan fade. Bill is the only African American to be an NBA coach.

1996 was lucky for Bill.  Because He wins both the Olympic Gold medal and the NCAA Championship.

8. Shaquille O’Neal – Best Basketball Player

Neal is a popular face of the Los Angeles Lakers for eight years. And also, he played for the Cavaliers and the Celtics. This big-size man is also one of the top ten scorers with 28,596 points.

Shaquille O’Neal

We know Neil is honoured three times with Finals MVP. In 2000, he finally gets the MVP award. At, 24 in 1996 Neal placed his name in the list of NBA “50 greatest” players.

9. Kobe Bryant – Greatest Basketball Player

Los Angeles Lakers will remember Kobe Byrant who serve the team for twenty years. Bryant, the greatest NBA player brings home two gold medals from the Olympics.

Kobe Bryant

He wins the highest number of the All-Star Award. As he gets 18. The Lakers in order to thank Byrant once showed his jersey on the banner.

“The Black Mamba” defeats the Toronto Raptors with 81 points in a Final. 15 times his name was selected in the first part of All-NBA Selection.

10. Tim Duncan – Greatest NBA Icon

Duncan, the greatest NBA player plays for the Spurs. Additionally, he gets the All-Star Award thirteen times without any break.

Tim Duncan

He is the five times winner of the NBA Championship award that even leaves LeBron behind. He has not got any medal but taking part in the 2004 Olympics was also something big.

“The Big Fundamental” is what fans know of Duncan. Because this man brings 1000+ regular wins for the team.

Top 5 Greatest NBA Players Achievement Record Table

Serial No Name Assists (Finals) Steals (Career) Points (Finals)
1 Michael Jordan 6.1 5.3 33.5
2 Le Bron James 7.8 1.6 28.4
3 Magic Johnson 11.4 1.9 18.9
4 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 3.1 .8 23.4
5 Tim Duncan 4 .7 19

Honourable Mentions of Top 20 Greatest NBA Player

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. John Stockton
  4. Jerry West
  5. David Robinson
  6. John Havlicek
  7. George Garvin
  8. James Harden
  9. Luca Doncic
  10. Julius Erving
  11. Chris Paul
  12. Charles Barkley
  13. Bob Pettit
  14. Kawhi Leonard
  15. Steph Curry
  16. KC jones
  17. Dave Cowens
  18. Elvin Hayes
  19. Moses Malone
  20. Rick barry


Finally, the greatest NBA players rule the world of American basketball. Basketball has brought them name, fame, and wealth.

Hope you got all you wanted to know about the NBA stars. Many great players may come and go but Lebron is and will be a hero.

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