Top 10 Greatest Golfers of All Time

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Golf as a sport is becoming popular day by day. There are golf legends who have become heroes due to their PGA tour wins. Golfers’ number of fans and wealth increases as time flies.

List of Top 10 Greatest Golfers of All Time

The prize pool of golf is highest compared to others ports. Today’s golfer shows they’re thanks to past legends who have made the way smooth for them.

Greatest Golfers with Highest PGA Tours Win Table

Serial No Name country Professional career starts PGA Tour Wins World Golf Ranking Duration (Weeks)
01. Tiger Woods U.S.A 1912 82 683
02. Sam Snead America 1934 82 N/A
03. Ben Hogan U.S.A 1930 64 N/A
04. Greg Norman Australia 1976 44 331
05. Jack Nicklaus U.S.A 1961 73 11
06. Rory Mclorry Ireland 2007 19 106
07. Dustin Johnson America 2007 24 135
08. Nick Faldo England 1976 9 97
09. Arnold Palmer America 1954 62 N/A
10. Luke Donald England 2001 5 61

Now let’s read about who are the ten greatest golfers of all time.

 1. Jack Nicklaus – Most Accurate Golfer of All Time

Who is the best Golf player in the world? USA golf gem Jack Nicklaus is the greatest male golfer of all time.

Jack Nicklaus

Popularly known as ‘The Golden Bear’ has even bit Tiger woods. In terms of money, he is the wealthiest. Additionally, only at 26, he has made a record of the PGA Championship.

This man has a collection of 117 trophies. In conclusion, he is one of the toughest competitors for professional golfers.

2. Tiger Woods – Best Golf Player in the World

Tiger woods is a famous face on the list of the greatest golfers.  Winning The Masters’ Tournament (1997) is the greatest achievement of this American golfer and also for America.

Tiger Woods

He has won a record number of major events during the PGA tour. 83 events secure €93 Million prize money for him.

Nike spends €105 Million on a single deal with this icon for sponsorship. Tiger becomes the ‘PGA player of the year’ 11 times.

3. Sam Snead

This American golfer is called ‘Slammin’ Sam’. He and Tiger woods are the same in case of winning the most PGA tours.

Sam Snead

Additionally, he wins the Masters Tournament three times. He has seven big achievements in his career. Due to World War II, he missed some big chances.

This man failed to win the U.S Open but was the top runners up. He made his major two PGA tour wins at the age of 62 and 67.

4. Arnold Palmer – Best Iron Player of All Time

This USA-born golfer is one of the greatest golfers of the 90s. He worked hard to bring this elite sport down to our living room.

Arnold Palmer

The U.S Open (1960) is a memorable event for this hero. He is the center of attention in Golf history. Because he becomes the first millionaire from PGA tours.

Palmer, the king gets the highest prize money four times from PGA tours. This legend belongs to the class of Nicklaus. Finally, this golf star was also a television superstar and famous businessman.

5. Phil Mickelson – Best Lefty

The title ‘next Nicklaus’ best suits him. He proves age wrong by Winning a major championship at 50.

Phil Mickelson

Phill creates thrill by becoming one of the top runners-up in the U.S Open. In case of the PGA Tour wins 44 goes with his name.

He is also one of the few winners of the Career Grand Slam. Top richest athlete due to endorsement work.

6. Nick Faldo – Greatest Golfer (English)

Nick Faldo, reached his pick, competing with Greg Norman.  The Masters Championship (1996) is one of the top victories of this British golfer.

Nick Faldo

1979, 1984, and 1989 are the years when Faldo secures British Opens. Moreover, only at 20, he was one of the players of the Ryder Golf Cup.

We often see Nick on British Sports Television as a golf reporter. He gets the honor of Knight Bachelor.

7. Greg Norman – Greatest Australian Golfer

This 90s Australian legend is known as ‘The Great White Shark’. Norman is present in The Official World Golf Rankings for the longest period of time after Tiger Woods.

Greg Norman

Both his success and failures are celebrated. He is the winner of 35 Australian PGA tours. His last-minute defeat in the Masters (1996) is a topic of discussion.

Norman not only played but also designed 50+ golf courses. He earns millions from his brand ‘Shark’ that makes golf stuff.

8. Patty Berg – Greatest Female Golfer of All Time

Patty is the most famous female icon of golf. She has the highest number of major wins. And, it is 15 in number. She is honoured to be the LPGA First President.

Patty Berg

This American legend works day and night to make golf easy for females. She is the Winner of the U.S Women’s Open and the All-American open.

9. Matt Kuchar – Best Golfer without Major

It is shocking but true that Kuchar has no major on his list. This golfer is the winner of 14 PGA tours. Kucher’s winning the Ryder cup is another success story.

Matt Kuchar

Three international tournaments and one championship win go with his name.  He is 42 but his time is not yet over to win a U.S Open.

10. Byron Nelson – Best Golfer Reddit

1945 is the golden year of Nelson’s career. Because he brings 11 trophies home in a single year. This gentleman belongs to the time of Ben Hogan.

Byron Nelson

He is the one to get the Bob Jones Award. It is the highest honor for any player by the United States Golf Association.

Then, the AT & T Byron Nelson event has the name of this legend. In the Masters, Championship Nelson is in the top 10 for six years.


Finally, the greatest golfers of all time are mostly from America. Some talented players belong to the Golf world.

Hope we have met your curiosity about the best golf legends.  A player like Tiger woods is a forever inspiration.

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