Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers Boot Deals

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Footballers are some of the richest athletes in the world. Players earn huge amounts of money as they play for popular teams.  And also, they become rich from the most expensive footballers’ boot deals. Their stylish shoes, expensive houses, and collection of cars have always become a topic of discussion for fans.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers Boot Deals

Footballers 90 minutes on the pitch is a kind of live marketing for top-class shoe brands. While on the pitch which footballer is wearing which brand of shoe says a lot.

Let us know about the shocking yet the most expensive footballers’ boot deals.

1. Neymar (Puma)

neymar jr

Neymar Brazilian footballer has got many fans for his playing style and new hairstyles.

Additionally, he owns the most expensive football boots in the world right now.

Puma recently has a contract with this legendary young man. Before Puma Neymar was also the sponsor of another famous name Nike.

But Puma promises to pay him double compared to Nike. This deal brings home €23 million yearly. Puma King and future Z series are Neymar’s most favorite.

Neymar is very happy to have this deal. Because he has seen legends like Maradona wearing Puma. So, Neymar thinks it is his good luck to join the brand that has served football icons for years.

2. Lionel Messi (Adidas)

Lionel Messi

Messi has a collection of both the most expensive and rarest boots. He has an expensive deal with Adidas. How long? Lifetime is the answer.

Why not? Because Adidas Messi is the rarest collection that Adidas makes. Messi is the only footballer who brings an addition into a shoe brand by his own name.

Since 2006 Messi has been wearing their shoes at different tournaments. Adidas Nemeziz, X series, is something Messi really falls for. The Nemeziz pair cost from €50 to €320 while Messi earns a wealth of €25 million every year.

3. Ronaldo (Nike)


Here comes your favourite name Ronaldo who agrees to a lifetime contract with Nike. Nike has lost Neymar but they have Ronaldo, Lebron, and Michael Jordan.

Manchester United is one of the highest-paying clubs. Besides Ronaldo’s income from the club, he gets a wealth of €15 million from sponsoring this shoe brand.

In addition to that Ronaldo’s Instagram is filled with pictures wearing “Mercurial superfly” series boots. Nike also shows their thanks as Ronaldo adds a value of $474 million to Nike.

4. Balotelli (Puma)


Balotelli said yes to Puma’s deal in 2014 which he is still enjoying. Puma came with an offer when the “Golden Boy” was at the peak of his career.

But now his market value is poor. However, it is another most expensive footballer deal as it gives him €5 million every year. He is seen sponsoring Puma Ultra and Puma evoPower.

5. Mbappe (Nike)


This young gentleman signed a deal with Nike. PSG icon Mbappe is honoured to be the poster boy.  There is a huge sale of Nike Sneakers during the World Cup because of Mbappe.

Moreover, he wins the World Cup with France while wearing “Mercurial superfly” boots on the pitch. For a ten years contract, he will earn a total of €140 million.

Mbappe is happy to have the CR7 Ronaldo in Nike. He is the only one who can take Neymar’s place as both earns high from expensive boot deals

6. Mesut Ozil (Adidas)

Mesut Ozil

This Muslim footballer’s deal with Arsenal is close to its end. And also his deal with Adidas is fresh. Because of him, two fouth of Adidas’s customers are Muslim all over the world.

This sponsorship brings $20 Million for Ozil. Ozil’s football boots cost from €50 to € 400. After that, Ozil has been a model on different photoshoots wearing Predator, Mercurial superfly7.

7. Gareth Bale (Adidas)

Gareth Bale

Real Madrid is one of the well-paid clubs. And, Bale proves this true as he earns €18 m from the red team.

Besides football Bale is a known face of marketing   Adidas, EA Sport, and Sony mobile. And also, every year he gets €4.1 m from Adidas alone.

To add more only at 16, Adidas sees the talent in Bale.  Bale is comfortable in Adi zero F50 and X series boots both in pitch and regular life.

8. Marco Verratti (Nike)

Marco Verratti

This PSG star will be seen branding Nike boots for 10 years. A wealth of €3 m will go under his name every year. So, a total of €30 m makes it the most expensive Footballer’s boot deal.

Verratti’s name is just after Ronaldo gets the second highest payment from Nike. His deal will continue up to 2027. Hyper venom Phantom 3 is his signature wear.

9. David Beckham (Adidas)

David Beckham

This German shoe brand signs David Beckham the crush of many girls for a lifetime. The deal was confirmed in 2003 while $160 m riches come through it.

Beckham has said goodbye to Real Madrid.  But Beckham is still one of the top models of this Sportswear brand. Adidas boots especially, Predator Mania reminds us of “Golden Balls”

Selected Adidas boots come with Breckhm’s Jersey number.  Few Predators boots come with Beck’s very own “Free-kick logo”

He wins many matches where Predator LZ was his companion. Finally, Beck’s fashions have even bit Ronaldo making him an all-time marketable player.

10. Wayne Rooney (Nike)

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United already gave well-paid checks to Rooney. Additionally, Rooney, every year gets 1.67 million by branding the American shoe brand, Nike.

Moreover, his Premier League player is seen sponsoring Harper Collins and Coca-Cola. In the fields, he is captured with Hypervenom 3 boots.

The Hyper venom Model WR250 is red and white in colour. Especially it honours his goalscoring ability.  Neymar is also used to wear Hypervenom Phantom in the past.

Top 10 Expensive Football Boots of All Time

Serial No Boot Name Brand How Much this Football Boot Cost Colors Available
1. Predator Eternal Class Adidas €325+ White, Ash, Navy-Blue
2. Trio Cleats Nike $ 55,000+ Black, Red, Yellow
3. Predators (Stephen Gerrand’s) Adidas €40,000+ Multi-color, Tiger print, Zebra Print
4. Mercurial Superfly (Mbappe) Nike €250+ Black & White, Blue &Black
5. F10 Trx (Messi) Adidas $1500+ Multi-color
6. Mercurial Superfly (ordinary) Nike $1000+ Yellow. Coral, green, Orange
7. Nemeziz FG Adidas $330+ Black, White, Red
8. Mercurial Vapor Elite Nike $270+ Blue, Pink, Red
9. Predator FG + Adidas $450+ Red, Black
10. Mercurial What the Superfly Nike $550+ Multi-color


Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers Boot Deal of All Time

Serial No Footballer Current Brand Previous Brand Deal Time Income (Yearly)
1. David Beckham Adidas Nike Lifetime $160m
2. Neymar puma Same as Above N/A €23+
3. Christiano Ronaldo Nike N/A 7 $15m
4. Lionel Messi Adidas Adidas Lifetime €18m
5. Mbappe Nike N/A 10 years €140m
6. Griezmann Puma Same as present Long term €3.5m
7 Gareth Bale Adidas N/A Multi-year €4m
8. Pogba Adidas Puma 10 years €3m
9. Mohamed Salah Adidas Same as present 16 years €2.5
10. Sergio Aguero Puma Nike N/A €2m


In conclusion, a pair of great boots makes a player great. Boots are not just a football tool because boots help the feet to achieve big moments for footballers.

Finally, the most expensive footballers’ boot deals prove that footballers earn even more than Hollywood persons

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