Top 10 Best Muslim Football Players in the World

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Football will be at the top if we make a list of popular games. Every year football tournaments are held on national and international levels.  Players all around the world take part in football. They have different religious beliefs too. Best Muslim football players have contributed to the game for a long time. And, their talents have won them fans.

Surprisingly many of you like them but don’t know that he is Muslim. To know more about the best Muslim football players, take a look at our list.

List of Top 10 Best Muslim Football Players in the World

1. Mohamed Salah – Most Expensive Muslim Player in the World 2021

This current generation’s popular Muslim player was born in 1992 in Egypt. Additionally, he is a key figure against islamophobia.

Mohamed Salah

His market value is 109 million pounds. Liverpool pays £43.9 for this legend.

Salah is the second-highest scorer of Liverpool FC with 44 goals.

Then again, he participated in 37 Premier League games. This striker has scored 61.8% in different matches for the club.

Finally, he is awarded the Premier League Golden Boot and Premier League player of the Year 2018.

2. Zinadine Zidane – Best Muslim Football Player of All Time

This best Muslim football player is 49 years old. He is also best known as Zizou.   Started football at 5, from where there is no looking back.

Zinadine Zidane

The greatest success of Zinadine’s career is the 1998 World Cup. Because Zinadine’s two goals make France win. Then, his most expensive transfer fee of $66 million makes a world record. This gem makes Real Madrid win the UEFA Champions League Title just after his joining.

Zizou wins the famous Ballon d’ three times. In 2016, he is listed as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

3. Mesut Ozil – Most Expensive Muslim Player in the World 2020

This proud Muslim player was born in Germany. He is often seen performing Salah on the pitch.  His title “Assist King” truly matches him.

Mesut Ozil

In FIFA World Cup 2010 Ozil takes Germany to the semifinals because of his highest number of assists. He is best known as an attacking midfielder but plays well as a winger too.

Ozil is the most expensive player on the German team. Because his transfer fee is $50 million.

Moreover, Ozil has a record of 22 international goals. In 2014, FIFA World Cup gets the highest goal scorer award.

4. Sadio Mane – Most Expensive Football Transfer (Premier League)

Mane was born in 1992 in Senegal. Joining the Premier League is his dream since childhood. He never drinks Alcohol because he respects his religion.

Sadio Mane

Mane joined Liverpool with the highest transfer fee of £36m. In Premier League this is the most expensive transfer of any African player.154 Premier League appearances are in his record.

Mane’s Red career started well in 2016 because his 4 goals make Liverpool win against Arsenal. Finally, in 2019 gets the Premier League Golden Boot award.

5. Paul Pogba – Premier League Most Expensive Football Transfer

This Manchester United footballer was born in 1993. Pogba believes Islam is beautiful but often misunderstood.

Paul Pogba

Pogba becomes part of the Manchester United under 18 team in 2019. Pogba’s transfer fee from Juventas to Manchester United made a world record.

His £89.3m transfer fee is the most expensive in the history of the Premier League. Then again, this transfer fee includes a bonus of £5m.

Pogba wins the Best Young Player award in 2014. His shot accuracy is 37% while 118 shots hit the target.

6. Karim Benzema – Most Expensive Football Transfer 2020

Karim was born in 1987. He fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. As a practicing Muslim, he prays before the match opening.

Karim Benzema

He transfers from French National Team to Real Madrid. So, Real Madridpays a transfer fee of £35m. It also has a bonus of £5m.

Benzema won three Champions League trophies. He is the four times winner of the FIFA World Cup. This Real Madrid striker is a top scorer with 259 goals.

7. N’ Golo Kante – Best Muslim Football Player

Kante is born in 1991. This one of the best Muslim Players loves to play tennis besides football.

N’ Golo Kante

 Kante Join Chelsea in 2016 as a defensive central midfielder. Chelsea pays a transfer fee of £32 million.  No yellow or red card in his record.

He is good at interception and tackling. And, he can be an all-around midfielder when needed. Lastly, he wins the UEFA Champions league in 2021.

8. Eden Hazard – Most Expensive Football Transfer Flops

This converted Muslim footballer was born in 1991. His both parents are footballers. He has performed hajj.

Eden Hazard

Real Madrid invests £100m as a transfer fee of Eden. But, this proves to be the greatest ever transfer flop. Because Eden has scored only 2 goals while he was seen in 25 matches.

His weekly income of £400,000 is a major loss for the club. Eden has many minor injuries besides his extra weight.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Most Expensive Football Transfer Inflation

Zlatan was born in I981. He has a tattoo on his body that consists of the name of people who died of hunger.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Barcelona has to pay a high transfer fee for this striker.  In today’s time, the transfer fee is £144,298,675.

Zlatan made 11 goals and also 9 assists for Barcelona during his stay. Moreover, he joined many different clubs.  He finally ended with Manchester United in 2016.

10. Riyad Maherez – Best Muslim Football Player

Riyad was born in France in 1991. Additionally, the nickname “The Algerian Jewel” goes with him.  His Father is the greatest support behind his being a popular name.

Riyad Maherez

The transfer fee of £60m is the most expensive deal of Manchester City. Then, it is the highest paid amount for an African footballer.

Mahrez has created 91 big chances for the team. Additionally, his left foot is the strongest with 52 goals. He wins the English League Cup three times.

Best Muslim Football Players in Europe

Here, is a list of famous Muslim footballers in Europe

01. Franck Ribery (France)
02. Emre Can (Germany)
03. Granit Xhaka (Switzerland)
04. Edin Dzeko (Yugoslavia)
05. Sami Khedira (Germany)
06. Achraf Hakimi (Morocco)
07. Samir Nasri (France)
08. Pepe (Portugal)
09. Islam Feruz (Scotland)
10. Lassana Diarra (France)

Famous Muslim Footballers

Here, is a list of other best Muslim football players

01. Nicolas Anelka
02. Nabil Fekir
03. Eric Abidal
04. Ousmane Dembele
05. Armand Traore
06. Emmanuel Adebayor
07. Marouane Fellaini
08. Samir Handanovic
09. Antonio Rudiger
10. Kalidou Kalibaly


In conclusion, the best Muslim Football players have their worldwide fans. Christianity is the dominating religion in football.  But, Muslim Players ‘performances have made them stars.

Many top-ranked clubs invest million in Muslim footballers every year. Moreover, whether coaches or teammates or supporters we should be genuine to Muslim footballers.

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