Top 10 Best Midfielders in the World

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Football is a game played by teams. And, the best midfielders make the strongest team.  Additionally, each player on a soccer team has a specific role to play. Midfielders are important players in football. What makes a player the best midfielder? The answer is leadership and stamina. The win or loss of a game depends much on them. Their role is to both attack and defend.

If you are a football fan you must have a favourite midfielder. There are different types of midfielders. To know more about midfielders, take a look at our list.

Top 5 Best Midfielders of All Time

Player Team Position Ratings
Lottar Matthaus Bayern Munich CM 93
Kevin De Bruyne Man City CAM 91
Thomas Muller FC Bayern Munich AM 84
Casemiro Real Madrid DM 82.2
Zinadine Zidane Real Madrid CF CM 91

List of Top 10 Best Midfielders in the World Right Now

Midfielders are popular for their goals. Get into this list to know what makes them best.

1. Kevin De Bruyne – Best Attacking Midfielder 2019

30 years old Kevin was born in Belgium, Germany. Additionally, Ginger Pele is the nickname of this attacking midfielder. He is a father of two.

Kevin De Bruyne

Bruyne’s net worth is $ 60 Million. His jersey number is 17.

 Bruyne started playing football at the age of 4. And then, at 14, he joined Gent Youth Club from where there is no looking back.

Bruyne can make a difference because he has created big chances 116 times. Then, he shots on target 156 times. Assisted 78 matches.

Kevin makes 181 appearances in total whereas 23 appearances were in 2020.  His right foot is the strongest as he has made 32 goals out of 42 with it. Moreover, Bruyne from Manchester City is the winner of the English League Cup from 2016-2021.

2. Joshua Kimmich – Best Midfielder (Defensive) in 2021

This 26-year-old young Bayern legend is born in Rottweil, Germany. Full name is Joshua Walter kimmich. Mr. versatile joker is his nickname. And also, his net worth is $ 46 million.

Joshua Kimmich

This best midfielder starts his international career in the German national team in 2016. Used as a right-back, center-back, and center-midfielder, kimmich can ping the ball all over the field.

Similarly, he has 25 appearances in 2021. As a defender, he makes 4 successful tackles. Equally important is that he gets no yellow or red card in 2021. Expert in passing and long shots.

This 5 times German Super Cup Winner Also Wins FIFA Club World Cup in 2021. Therefore, Lotter Matthaussee sees Kimmich as the Future German Captain.

3. Luca Modric – Best Midfielder (Central) in FIFA’20

This 34-year-old footballer was born in Zadar, Croatia. He passed a painful childhood. And his net worth is $75 million.

Luca Modric

He plays as a Central midfielder in Real Madrid. But he can play well as a defensive midfielder too.

Luca Modric is one of the top midfielders of FIFA 20 with a rating of 91. Skilled in long shots and long passes.

Lastly, he wins the Adidas Golden Ball award in the FIFA World Cup’18.

4. Diego Maradona – Best Attacking Midfielder of All Time

Maradona was born in Argentina in 1960. “Hand of God” and “The Golden Boy” are his nicknames. This popular footballer is also known for his high addiction to cocaine.

Diego Maradona

The greatest success of Maradona’s career is Argentina’s victory in the 1986 World Cup. We cannot measure genius like Maradona in number. Yet, he made 311 goals in his lifetime. 34 goals for Argentina and 115 goals for Napoli.

Furthermore, Maradona receives the FIFA World Cup Silver shoe and Golden ball in 1986. At 21, Barcelona brought him paying $7. 7 Million.

5. Paul Scholes- Best Premier League Midfielder of All Time

This Manchester United Legend was born in 1974 in Manchester. Schole’s net worth is $ 32 Million. He marries his childhood girlfriend. He is one of the highest-paying footballers of 2021.

Paul Scholes

Paul wins two Champion League titles and 11 EPL trophies. In his 20 years of a golden career, He played 700 times for Manchester United. His excellent passing and dribbling skills make him all-time best.

Zinedine Zidane calls paul the “toughest opponent”. Because Paul can block opportunities of opponents often. Because of paul’s tackling ability he can offend and defend equally well.

6. Frank Lampard – Best Midfielder (Premier League)

This best Midfielder of the present day was born in 1978. Super Frankie is his nickname. Net worth is $ 87 Million.

Frank Lampard

This box-to-box midfielder made 603 appearances in Premier League. Lampard is the fourth top scorer of the Premier League with 177 goals. Popular for taking the highest number of penalties.

Chelsea’s greatest attacking midfielder wins three Champion League titles. This diamond also secured 211 goals for Chelsea Club. He is honored with the Premier League’s Hall of fame.

7. Paul Pogba – Best Midfielder (Central)

This Premium League club footballer was born in France in 1993. His net worth is $ 125 Million.  Pogba dates Bolivian model Maria Zulay. His luxurious house costs 1.6 Million.

Paul Pogba

Pogba becomes part of the Manchester United under 18 team in 2019. In 2012, he starts playing in Premier League.

Pogba wins the Best Young Player award in 2014. This central defensive midfielder scored 28 goals.

His shot accuracy is 37% while 118 shots hit the target. Unluckily missed 23 big chances.

8. N’ Golo Kante – Best Midfielder 2020

Kante was born in Paris in 1991. He loves to play tennis besides football. Net worth is $ 23 Million.

N’ Golo Kante

 Kante Join Chelsea in 2016 as a defensive central midfielder. No yellow or red card in his record. He is good at interception and tackling.

And, he can be an all-around midfielder when needed. Lastly, he wins the UEFA Champions league in 2021.

9. Eduardo Camavinga – Best Midfielder (Young) FIFA’20

This young star was born in 2002. Nickname The sensation truly matches him.

Eduardo Camavinga

 Real Madrid signs a $ 40Millioncontract with this Rennes Midfielder. He is one of the youngest players to get into the French National team.

He played 82 times for his youth club Rennes. His FIFA 20 rating is 75 but his potential is 86. His yearly salary is €920,400.

10. Federico Valverde – Best Young Midfielder FIFA’21

This 22-year-old wonderkid was born in Uruguay. Besides playing Football he loves playing volleyball. His parents are the motivation behind what he is today.

Federico Valverde

 This central midfielder plays well as a right defensive midfielder too. This young midfielder plays in Uruguay National team and Real Madrid club.

Additionally, His yearly income is €3.05. His FIFA 21 rating is 90 with an excellent short passing rate of 85%. He made 32 appearances.


In conclusion, the best midfielders take control of the pitch. Midfielders are the ones who create big chances for their team and blocks the chances of an opponent. So, those 90 minutes of a game become interesting.

Hope, this article meets your need. And you find at least one of your favourite midfielders in our list.

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